Mission: AIDSfreeAFRICA is a community of professionals dedicated to empower Africans to be come self-sufficient in producing pharmaceuticals.
The Vision of AIDSfreeAFRICA is: Africa free of HIV/AIDS, to provide the world with the capacity to produce lifesaving drugs is an expression of our commitment to peace, health and human dignity.


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We are FORTUNATE to have received truckloads of needed supplies SUCH AS gloves, masks, protective clothes, syringes, AND IV fluid sets. NOW WE NEED TO DELIVER THESE LIFE-SAVING SUPPLIES TO AID AND REDUCE THE SUFFERING. PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY




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AIDSfreeAFRICA qualifies to receive donations by participating in the Combined Federal Campaign, the CFC. Every November/ December every US federal employee has the opportunity to choose a charity. Please choose AIDSfreeAFRICA.   


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University of Buea:

A successful pharmaceutical industry needs a pipeline of well trained professionals. Hands-on training is essential, so is the opportunity to take a screw driver and try to fix equipment. Everyone was happy when the e truck load of equipment arrived. Now we are looking for more....

University of Bamenda:

Everyone is happy receiving 25 boxes of Chemistry textbooks and other scientific books donated from several places in New York. We are looking forward to realize a project building an analytical lab for teaching purposes as well as offering quality control services. "This will be the first in the country", says Prof. Ndikontar, here in the picture with Madam Fotso.   

Faith Health Center: AIDSfreeAFRICA likes the new sign posted, see the blow up in the front right. Six years of collaboration, donations of supplies, equipment and money, advice, connections, teaching, networking and not to forget AIDSfreeAFRICA volunteer, Dr. Ildiko, MD from Rumania who now comes back with her own agenda but always the people of Esu in mind and at heart.

Trademark: "Made in Cameroon

Cinpharm has been producing generic drugs since 2011. Currently the company halted all production and is negotiating the partnership with an international drug manufacturer. At the same time Strides, India in collaboration with a Cameroon Pharmacist is building an even larger company with more manufacturing capacity, also in Douala.  

Picture opportunity at one of Dr. Hodel's biannual meetings with his Excellency, the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr. Philemon Yang. AIDSfreeAFRICA is enjoying a close working relationship with the Cameroon government, the Minister of Health and the US Embassy business development department.

Women Entrepreneurs:

The majority of women in Cameroon are not as fortune as Imelda, to have their own independent income. Traditions keep women "barefoot and pregnant". But Imelda took the opportunity and now employs women. Her daughters work too when not in school. 

Young Women "Kick it to Cameroon":

It was easy to say yes, when volunteers came and proposed to collect soccer equipment. Team sports teaches leadership, team building and gives young women a healthy occupation.  

Women health: Dr. Ildiko, MD from Rumania is back in Esu on her own accord. A Peace Corps volunteer has been promised to help distribute vitamins to children and pregnant and lactating women. Dr. Hodel brings Vitamin A and worm meds to Binshua government Health Clinic.

Dr. Rolande Hodel receives Humanitarian Award:

 Dr. Rolande Hodel received the Astellas USA Foundation award for 2009. This award carries a $30,000 prize in addition to the awards presentation and symposium at the August 16, 2009 ACS National Meeting in Washington, DC. For follow up see www.acs.org    

Unpublished photo by Linda Wang

                                      Posted with permission.  Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society

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FROM LEFT: Eric Bigham, award Chair, Joe Fortunak Howard University Washington DC, Rolande Hodel AIDSfreeAFRICA New York, Bob Sievers University of Colorado, award recipients and Tom Lane event host and president of the American Chemical Society. 

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